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Steve Ruby’s Experience with a Governor’s Criminal Investigation

Politics can be a dirty business for many, and the officials we elect to represent our interests all too often turn out to have only their own interests at heart.  Steve Ruby understands the complexities of a criminal investigation into a leading political figure, having successfully defended West Virginia governor Jim Justice against a federal criminal investigation.  Steve Ruby, a former federal prosecutor, served as one of the attorneys defending the governor against the charges, and the clearance reflects Ruby’s experience in major cases.

Governor Justice’s case was one where there was only a little information revealed to the public; in fact, an official investigation was never actually announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, nor did Steve Ruby himself have the opportunity to speak to the media on it before it closed.  Instead, the case facts indicate that subpoenas came to light involving West Virginia agencies who were compelled to give testimony about their relationship with Justice’s private business concerns.  A Charleston-based grand jury approved the signing of these subpoenas, which were then handled by the Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.  These subpoenas went to the West Virginia Department of Commerce, Department of Revenue, and the state tax office.

Steve Ruby’s expertise was necessary during the investigation due to the size and complexity of Governor Justice’s holdings.  Justice is one of the wealthiest governors in the nation, with an estimated net worth of over one billion dollars; on the annual ethics disclosure submissions, he lists nearly 100 different companies that he owns or has a significant interest in.  Steve Ruby, along with a legal team of other former federal prosecutors like George Terwilliger and Mike Carey, had to provide the Department of Justice with the information needed to clear the governor’s name; in January of 2020 the prosecutors of the Department of Justice let Steve Ruby and his team know that they had found no evidence of wrongdoing, effectively ending the investigation.

Steve Ruby’s experience with these investigations helped to clear Governor Justice of accusations of wrongdoing; furthermore, he knew that some cases drag on for months or even years, but his prompt compliance and legal advice made it possible for the governor to avoid any charges of impropriety.  What’s more, Steve Ruby understands the potential harm that an investigation can take on a reputation, and the need to quickly address any concerns to make certain that there are no lingering effects of a criminal probe.

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