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Steve Ruby West Virginia Examines State Ethics Commission Decision to Approve Governor’s Plane Use

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia examines Ethics Commission decision to approve governor’s West Virginia state plane use.

As Governor Jim Justice is approved by the West Virginia Ethics Commission to continue his use of the state’s airplane, esteemed attorney and former U.S. Attorney’s Office chief Steve Ruby West Virginia takes a closer look at the case in hand.

“It’s been decided by ethics officials that West Virginia’s state airplane can continue to fly Governor Jim Justice to campaign events,” reveals Steve Ruby West Virginia, “as long as such trips coincide with official West Virginia state business.”

Ethics officials from the West Virginia Ethics Commission are also said to have approved so-called side trips to the same governor’s hometown, according to Steve Ruby West Virginia. The governor in question, Jim Justice, has been approved by the state’s ethics commission to use West Virginia’s state airplane wherever the primary purpose of flying is for official state business.

Governor Jim Justice cannot, however, it has been ruled, use the same airplane solely for non-governmental actions, nor can he establish official state business solely as a pretext for such use. Justice is a billionaire coal magnate and lavish resort owner, in addition to being a governor.

“The decision will allow Governor Justice to use the state airplane for travel to and from his home in Lewisburg, some 100 miles from his governor’s mansion in Charleston,” explains Steve Ruby, from West Virginia. His governor’s mansion, it’s been reported, is located within close proximity of his lavish resort, known as The Greenbrier. Justice’s estimated net worth is believed to be in the region of $1.2 billion, according to reports.

While Governor Jim Justice is understood to have used the state aircraft on numerous occasions, eyebrows were raised primarily regarding flights that started or ended in his hometown of Lewisburg. It was, however, also noted that the governor has, to date, used the plane in question far less than either of his two predecessors, according to Steve Ruby West Virginia.

“It was determined that Governor Justice receives no direct personal gain from his West Virginia state airplane travel,” notes Steve Ruby West Virginia, speaking from his office in Charleston, “irrespective of where flights take off or land.”

Attorney Steve Ruby, West Virginia is a former chief for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of West Virginia.

Among the most high-profile cases handled by Steve Ruby West Virginia to date was that which centered around the devastating Upper Big Branch mine disaster. Ruby recently marked the tenth anniversary of the disaster and subsequent case as he took a personal and professional look back on the tragedy which occurred on April 5, 2010, in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Steve Ruby, West Virginia briefly returns his focus to the West Virginia state ethics commission’s decision to approve Governor Justice’s plane use, with it determined that the governor receives no direct personal gain from travel aboard the aircraft. “Furthermore, it puts zero money in his pockets,” adds Steve Ruby, West Virginia, wrapping up, “nor, he says, provides him with any private enjoyment.”

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