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Steve Ruby West Virginia Comments on the Completion of the Investigation of Governor Jim Justice

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia recently commented on the completion of the investigation of Governor Jim Justice.

The federal investigation of Gov. Jim Justice is complete, Justice’s attorneys say. Attorneys for the defendant state that no charges have been filed against Justice or his family. Steve Ruby West Virginia recently commented on the completion of this investigation and what it means to the public.

Steve Ruby West Virginia was a part of the January press conference during which it was stated that the federal investigation had come to a close. Justice’s attorney George Terwilliger stated he received news that the investigation had ended via telephone. He commented that there was no letter of declination, as it isn’t always necessary in the closing of an investigation.

Steve Ruby West Virginia stated that many times nobody is contacted when an investigation like this one simply tapers away. He stated that the Justice Department did not want the Justice family to continue living with the cloud of an investigation over their heads, when they found no evidence of wrongdoing. Steve Ruby West Virginia stated that despite there being no documentation of the completion of the investigation, he does not expect it to be rekindled.

Steve Ruby West Virginia remarked that the investigation closed at an ideal time for Justice, as he is currently battling for re-election. He stated that the investigation was questioning certain state government agencies and their involvement with Justice’s private companies. Steve Ruby West Virginia added that Justice is said to have $1.5 billion in holdings in agriculture, timber, coal, recreation, and more.

Justice’s attorneys, including Steve Ruby West Virginia, stated that despite the positive outcome of the investigation for his client, it wasn’t without harm to Justice’s many employees and family members. Attorney Terwilliger described that the investigation ended up costing the jobs of many people in Justice’s private business endeavors. He stated that the toll of a federal investigation doesn’t just affect one person. It damages relationships with family members, business partners, and adds a considerable amount of stress and financial strain.

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia stated that the governor is involved with more than 90 individual companies, and his many prominent roles in these companies and beyond are what have led to a number of court conflicts. However, he stated there is no excuse for false allegations that can lead to damaging a good family’s reputation and community standing. Steve Ruby West Virginia and all of the attorneys involved in this case hope Governor Justice and his family can return to doing good for the state of West Virginia without the cloud of this investigation hanging over them.

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