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Steve Ruby’s Experience with a Governor’s Criminal Investigation

Politics can be a dirty business for many, and the officials we elect to represent our interests all too often turn out to have only their own interests at heart.  Steve Ruby understands the complexities of a criminal investigation into a leading political figure, having successfully defended West Virginia governor Jim Justice against a federal criminal investigation.  Steve Ruby, a former federal prosecutor, served as one of the attorneys defending the governor against the charges, and the clearance reflects Ruby’s experience in major cases.

Governor Justice’s case was one where there was only a little information revealed to the public; in fact, an official investigation was never actually announced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, nor did Steve Ruby himself have the opportunity to speak to the media on it before it closed.  Instead, the case facts indicate that subpoenas came to light involving West Virginia agencies who were compelled to give testimony about their relationship with Justice’s private business concerns.  A Charleston-based grand jury approved the signing of these subpoenas, which were then handled by the Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice.  These subpoenas went to the West Virginia Department of Commerce, Department of Revenue, and the state tax office.

Steve Ruby’s expertise was necessary during the investigation due to the size and complexity of Governor Justice’s holdings.  Justice is one of the wealthiest governors in the nation, with an estimated net worth of over one billion dollars; on the annual ethics disclosure submissions, he lists nearly 100 different companies that he owns or has a significant interest in.  Steve Ruby, along with a legal team of other former federal prosecutors like George Terwilliger and Mike Carey, had to provide the Department of Justice with the information needed to clear the governor’s name; in January of 2020 the prosecutors of the Department of Justice let Steve Ruby and his team know that they had found no evidence of wrongdoing, effectively ending the investigation.

Steve Ruby’s experience with these investigations helped to clear Governor Justice of accusations of wrongdoing; furthermore, he knew that some cases drag on for months or even years, but his prompt compliance and legal advice made it possible for the governor to avoid any charges of impropriety.  What’s more, Steve Ruby understands the potential harm that an investigation can take on a reputation, and the need to quickly address any concerns to make certain that there are no lingering effects of a criminal probe.

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Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia Discusses How to Build a Healthy Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia discusses how to build a healthy landlord-tenant relationship.

Having a healthy relationship with your landlord or tenant can greatly affect your rental or homeownership experience. Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia is an expert in landlord-tenant relationships and has helped settle countless disputes between the two parties. However, Ruby explains that best way to settle a dispute is to avoid having one in the first place.

“Obviously, it’s impossible to avoid all confrontations between landlords and tenants, but fostering a great relationship between the two can stop disputes before they turn ugly,” Steve Ruby West Virginia said.

Steve Ruby West Virginia explained that having a positive healthy landlord-tenant relationship doesn’t have to be difficult. For landlords, he stated, it involved doing plenty of research. Ruby described that landlords must take their time when selecting tenants. Sure, a landlord wants to rent a home as quickly as possible, but renting to an irresponsible tenant can cost far more time and money in the long run. Steve Ruby West Virginia suggested fulling screening all tenants, including speaking with previous landlords, viewing criminal records, and assessing credit history.

“These steps may feel time consuming as a landlord, but stopping an irresponsible tenant before they rent your home will save you time, money, and countless hours of frustration, especially if you end up in court,” Steve Ruby West Virginia said.

Steve Ruby West Virginia explained that while his previous advice was solely for landlords, setting expectations is a step both parties can take. He stated that both parties should meet before or when signing the lease to discuss the landlord and the tenant’s expectations for each other. Important topics to discuss are how tenant complaints are handled, the process for resolving maintenance requests, and what each party is responsible for doing in regards to maintaining the home. This is a time for landlords to make tenants aware of any important guidelines in the lease and a time for tenants to ask questions.

“The key to a healthy landlord-tenant relationship is the key to any healthy relationship — open communication,” Steve Ruby West Virginia said.

Steve Ruby West Virginia stated that landlords and tenants can create a healthy relationship by being open and honest with each other from the start and throughout the rental experience. Tenants and landlords must address one another’s inquiries in a timely fashion.

Steve Ruby West Virginia finished by stating it’s important for both parties to respect each other. It’s essential for tenants to communicate immediately upon knowing if they’ll be moving soon, and a landlord should inform a tenant of a rent increase as early as possible. Treating one another with dignity will lead to mutual respect and an ability to resolve issues without involving the court process.

Steve Ruby West Virginia added that he and his team of attorneys are always available to mediate relationships between landlords and tenants as well as provide a variety of other services.

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Steve Ruby West Virginia Comments on the Completion of the Investigation of Governor Jim Justice

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia recently commented on the completion of the investigation of Governor Jim Justice.

The federal investigation of Gov. Jim Justice is complete, Justice’s attorneys say. Attorneys for the defendant state that no charges have been filed against Justice or his family. Steve Ruby West Virginia recently commented on the completion of this investigation and what it means to the public.

Steve Ruby West Virginia was a part of the January press conference during which it was stated that the federal investigation had come to a close. Justice’s attorney George Terwilliger stated he received news that the investigation had ended via telephone. He commented that there was no letter of declination, as it isn’t always necessary in the closing of an investigation.

Steve Ruby West Virginia stated that many times nobody is contacted when an investigation like this one simply tapers away. He stated that the Justice Department did not want the Justice family to continue living with the cloud of an investigation over their heads, when they found no evidence of wrongdoing. Steve Ruby West Virginia stated that despite there being no documentation of the completion of the investigation, he does not expect it to be rekindled.

Steve Ruby West Virginia remarked that the investigation closed at an ideal time for Justice, as he is currently battling for re-election. He stated that the investigation was questioning certain state government agencies and their involvement with Justice’s private companies. Steve Ruby West Virginia added that Justice is said to have $1.5 billion in holdings in agriculture, timber, coal, recreation, and more.

Justice’s attorneys, including Steve Ruby West Virginia, stated that despite the positive outcome of the investigation for his client, it wasn’t without harm to Justice’s many employees and family members. Attorney Terwilliger described that the investigation ended up costing the jobs of many people in Justice’s private business endeavors. He stated that the toll of a federal investigation doesn’t just affect one person. It damages relationships with family members, business partners, and adds a considerable amount of stress and financial strain.

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia stated that the governor is involved with more than 90 individual companies, and his many prominent roles in these companies and beyond are what have led to a number of court conflicts. However, he stated there is no excuse for false allegations that can lead to damaging a good family’s reputation and community standing. Steve Ruby West Virginia and all of the attorneys involved in this case hope Governor Justice and his family can return to doing good for the state of West Virginia without the cloud of this investigation hanging over them.

Steve Ruby West Virginia Examines State Ethics Commission Decision to Approve Governor’s Plane Use

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia examines Ethics Commission decision to approve governor’s West Virginia state plane use.

As Governor Jim Justice is approved by the West Virginia Ethics Commission to continue his use of the state’s airplane, esteemed attorney and former U.S. Attorney’s Office chief Steve Ruby West Virginia takes a closer look at the case in hand.

“It’s been decided by ethics officials that West Virginia’s state airplane can continue to fly Governor Jim Justice to campaign events,” reveals Steve Ruby West Virginia, “as long as such trips coincide with official West Virginia state business.”

Ethics officials from the West Virginia Ethics Commission are also said to have approved so-called side trips to the same governor’s hometown, according to Steve Ruby West Virginia. The governor in question, Jim Justice, has been approved by the state’s ethics commission to use West Virginia’s state airplane wherever the primary purpose of flying is for official state business.

Governor Jim Justice cannot, however, it has been ruled, use the same airplane solely for non-governmental actions, nor can he establish official state business solely as a pretext for such use. Justice is a billionaire coal magnate and lavish resort owner, in addition to being a governor.

“The decision will allow Governor Justice to use the state airplane for travel to and from his home in Lewisburg, some 100 miles from his governor’s mansion in Charleston,” explains Steve Ruby, from West Virginia. His governor’s mansion, it’s been reported, is located within close proximity of his lavish resort, known as The Greenbrier. Justice’s estimated net worth is believed to be in the region of $1.2 billion, according to reports.

While Governor Jim Justice is understood to have used the state aircraft on numerous occasions, eyebrows were raised primarily regarding flights that started or ended in his hometown of Lewisburg. It was, however, also noted that the governor has, to date, used the plane in question far less than either of his two predecessors, according to Steve Ruby West Virginia.

“It was determined that Governor Justice receives no direct personal gain from his West Virginia state airplane travel,” notes Steve Ruby West Virginia, speaking from his office in Charleston, “irrespective of where flights take off or land.”

Attorney Steve Ruby, West Virginia is a former chief for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of West Virginia.

Among the most high-profile cases handled by Steve Ruby West Virginia to date was that which centered around the devastating Upper Big Branch mine disaster. Ruby recently marked the tenth anniversary of the disaster and subsequent case as he took a personal and professional look back on the tragedy which occurred on April 5, 2010, in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Steve Ruby, West Virginia briefly returns his focus to the West Virginia state ethics commission’s decision to approve Governor Justice’s plane use, with it determined that the governor receives no direct personal gain from travel aboard the aircraft. “Furthermore, it puts zero money in his pockets,” adds Steve Ruby, West Virginia, wrapping up, “nor, he says, provides him with any private enjoyment.”

Steve Ruby West Virginia Marks Tenth Anniversary of Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster

Attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia looks back at the deadly Raleigh County mine disaster and subsequent case, ten years on.

Celebrated attorney Steve Ruby West Virginia, a former U.S. Attorney’s Office chief, marks the tenth anniversary of the Upper Big Branch mine disaster and subsequent case as he takes a personal and professional look back on the tragedy and its aftermath.

“As a prosecutor, during my career, I’ve amassed a vast record of convictions, many of which have gained national renown,” says Steve Ruby West Virginia, speaking from his office in Charleston, West Virginia. Ruby is a former chief for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of West Virginia.

Among the most high-profile cases handled by Steve Ruby West Virginia to date was that which centered around the devastating Upper Big Branch mine disaster in 2010. In the wake of the deadly Raleigh County mine disaster ten years ago, Ruby spearheaded an investigation that led to the largest-ever recovery in a criminal mine safety case.

“In the wake of the coal mine explosion that tragically killed 29 miners, I spearheaded an investigation that ultimately led to five criminal convictions and a $209 million resolution,” reveals Steve Ruby West Virginia, looking back on the matter as he marks the tenth anniversary of the April 2010 disaster and subsequent case.

Steve Ruby West Virginia’s more than $200 million resolution was reached with the successor company of the mine operator at the time. “A $209 million resolution, it represented the largest-ever recovery in a criminal mine safety case,” reveals the attorney.

The Upper Big Branch mine disaster investigation, he goes on to explain, culminated in a nine-week jury trial. “Further to the record monetary settlement, it was also the first-ever conviction of a CEO of a major company for a workplace safety crime,” points out Steve Ruby West Virginia.

The case was later featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes, the oldest and most-watched newsmagazine on U.S. television, in March 2016.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Upper Big Branch mine disaster. The deadly disaster occurred on April 5, 2010, in Raleigh County, West Virginia. Roughly 1,000 feet underground, at Upper Big Branch coal mine, located in the unincorporated community and coal town of Montcoal, twenty-nine miners tragically lost their lives.

“Following a coal dust explosion at 3:27 pm on that fateful day ten years ago, twenty-nine out of thirty-one miners were killed at the site,” reveals Steve Ruby West Virginia, looking back. A 48-foot granite monument with life-size silhouettes of the 29 miners who lost their lives etched on the front can today be found in nearby Whitesville, West Virginia, he goes on to explain.

Known as the Upper Big Branch Miners Memorial, it was dedicated in July 2012, according to Steve Ruby West Virginia. “Also poignantly etched on the reverse is a tribute to all coal miners who have died or endured illness or injury as a result of their work in the coal industry,” adds the attorney, wrapping up.