SteveRuby West Virginia

Steve Ruby West Virginia

Steve Ruby is a former white-collar chief for the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of West Virginia.

Drawing upon his experience as a federal prosecutor in several nationally noted cases, he maintains a diverse white-collar criminal defense, complex litigation, and advocacy practice. Some of his recent representations include clients facing charges or investigations of bank fraud, health care fraud, wire fraud, and misuse of government funds.

As a prosecutor, Steve amassed a record of convictions that gained national renown. In the wake of a coal mine explosion that killed 29 miners, he spearheaded an investigation that led to five criminal convictions and a $209 million resolution with the successor company of the mine’s operator–the largest-ever recovery in a criminal mine safety case.

That investigation culminated in a nine-week jury trial and the first-ever conviction of a major-company CEO for a workplace safety crime. The case was featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes in March 2016. Steve also led a successful investigation and subsequent prosecution of a California extortioner who made death threats to seven prominent American business leaders, including Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula and coal executive Chris Cline.

The perpetrator in that case threatened to murder members of his victims’ families unless he was paid a total of $122 million. In another extortion case, Steve led the investigation and prosecution of an individual who targeted West Virginia’s then governor.

During Steve’s tenure as a prosecutor, he also secured convictions of eight elected officials, notably including a state-court judge who railroaded a defendant in order to protect a political ally, and three county officials in an election-fraud scheme.

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